Privacy Policy

Policy Statement

Dawkins group will maintain and update the privacy policy at regular intervals or when changes to legislation dictates. Dawkins will make the security and storage of your personal information our upmost priority and update you to any changes that may affect details provided. This policy will explain how we use, collect and store your personal data. We offer full transparency on any information we collect with this information made available to you on request.
What information do we collect?
Employee’s information:
• Personal details, Name, address, D.O.B etc
• Bank details
• Next of kin
• Certificates and qualifications
• Individual training records
• Medical records (if supplied by the individual)

Sub-contractor information:
• Personal information (All subcontractors fill out a starter pack)
• Name, address D.O.B etc
• Next of kin
• Insurances
• Certificates and qualifications
• UTR numbers
• VAT numbers
• Bank details
• Accreditations
• Company polices
• Individual training records
• Medical records (if supplied by the individual)

How we use it:

All information will only be used to make payments to you/company for works carried by yourself on behalf of Dawkins construction group. Information may be shared with a payroll company who handle a percentage of our payment however this will need consent from the individual and a starter pack form filled out to accept these arrangements.

Other personal data will be kept on file as regulation dictates and be disposed of in the time frames set out in our ISO9001: 2015 control of documents procedures or alternative destroyed at your request.

A prequalification questionnaire pack is sent out to all subcontractors to obtain this information which is then added to our approved subcontractor database on our secure Dawkins OMS (Operations management system).Information will need to be refreshed annually or if you notify us of change this will be rectified and records updated.

Accessing your information:

We will only keep information that you provide us via our prequalification questionnaire or starter packs’

Details can be checked via – or 01582493731

Data retention and protection

We will only keep information that is necessary and will delete any information on request. Information that we have to retain for legal/tax audit reasons will then be destroyed in keeping with the current legal requirements.

Transparency and choice

All records that Dawkins keeps regarding you/your company is available on request and you will have the authority to change any information provided or request that your details be erased from our system.

How to contact us

Dawkins House
Unit 4 Eden Brae Business Park
Dunstable Road