Hill, Chesterton

Hill, Chesterton Hill, Chesterton Hill, Chesterton Hill, Chesterton

Project Description

Location: Alchester Park, Chesterton, Oxfordshire

Project: 44 New Homes & Community Centre
Value: 2.0 – 2.5 Million
Start: Summer 2014
Completion Due: Spring 2016


This is one of 5 main Hill sites spread across a large geographical area that we are working on simultaneously.

There is a total of 270 units across the sites with a total contract value of circa 6.5 million.

Hill have become in recent years one of our most important clients with a strong relationship forged from solid work and continued commitment


Value Engineering Due To Cornbrash / Limestone Rock Formation
The site was underlined with a natural cornbrash formation typically between 500mm – 1500mm thick and located between 500mm and 2000mm below the exiting site levels. This material required 20 ton excavators fitted with hydraulic breakers to break through the rock formation, however we carried out a value engineering exercise and crushed and screened the limestone arising’s on site and used them for various sub-base makeups onsite providing an overall financial saving and also reduced the requirements to import virgin aggregates and dispose off site of arising’s significantly reducing the local heavy traffic on the surrounding area and significantly reduce the carbon footprint for this project

Section 278 Works
Formed new bellmouth and traffic calming to existing national speed limit road entering village

Value Engineered Drainage Design
Installation of adoptable sewers beneath roads including associated deep drainage works

We carried out a value engineering exercise and revised the proposed adoptable 2.5 meter x 1.5 meter x 5.5 meter deep 34 meter long pre-cast concrete storm storage culvert including all necessary design, liaising and meeting of requirements for the associated water authority which we revised to a 1800mm MDPE culvert spread over a longer distance to provide the equivalent capacity which provided both a financial saving plus a quicker and safer install reducing programme and omitting all associated heavy lifting requirements

Installation of both foul and storm adoptable packaged pump stations formed within large and deep cast insitu RC waterproof concrete chambers due to high surrounding ground water table

We carried out a value engineering exercise and revised the proposed design of the 3/4 of a mile of 125mm foul and storm off site rising mains proposed to connect the site to the existing public sewer and proposed to run through adjacent farmers fields and highways including also a bridge crossing and all as an open trench excavation. We revised the design to directional trust boring including all necessary design, liaising and meeting of requirements for the Environment Agency to work next to the water course which allowed us to directionally thrust bore under the river omitting the requirement to carry out highway and bridge crossing works which would have included a disruptive road closure and long diversion for the local community. This allowed us also to only form launch and reception pits 150 meter apart rather than an open trench excavation through the entire farmers field causing significantly less disruption

Adoptable Roads
Formed 1/2 a mile of tarmac and blocked paved roads

Community Centre Car Park
Formed permeable car park for community centre, part in tree root protection zone so constructed using reinforced grids system filled with gravel

Individual Plots
Plot foundations, drainage, services, beam and block floors, driveways and paving was installed in stages to suit the changing programme requirements of the developer with no fuss